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Those big steel handcuffs can indeed be a scary sight for anyone. However, what if you have someone on your side, who holds the key? David Jakab Bail Bonds is that someone for you! We are the people you need to turn to when you or a loved one up against the possibility of an impending jail-time and you have to do something to avert it.
Why Us?

Free Expert Advice, 24/7
Whether you are in Hempstead or in any other part of the United States, contact us and our experts will be happy to answer any your question you may have about Hempstead NY bail bonds.
Avoid Detention
If you reach us early enough, we can arrange for our agents to be there at the defendant’s arraignment. The bailing process will continue without the defendant having to enter a correctional facility.
Transfer Bonds
We can post any type of bail, anywhere in the United States. You can come to us not only for bail bond in Hempstead, but can also get our expert assistance in any other part of the country.
Numerous Collateral Options
For collateral, we take credit/debit cards, property, and even vehicles. Furthermore, all collateral is returned within 30 days of receipt of certificate of disposition, carrying a court seal.
The David Jakab Edge: 0% Financing
If factors such as the account holder’s credit history, deposited amount, bail amount and the situation of the defendant are favorable, you can avail our 0% financing payment plan, which makes us one of the most preferred companies offering bail bonds in Hempstead NYC. Contact us to learn more.
Facilities Galore
  • Our agents are available in every court and jail in the US.
  • Strict confidentiality agreements protect all information provided.
  • We ensure client empowerment by explaining the entire bailing process.
  • Start to end follow up of each case with regular updates.
Contact Us
We know you were not happy coming into this situation. However, we will make sure that you get out of it smiling! To learn more about our Hempstead NY bail bonds services, please call 212-779-2245 or send an email to davidjakabbailbonds@yahoo.com.
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