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At David Jakab Bail Bonds, we believe that it is never a good experience to bail out a friend or family member from jail, especially if they are not at fault. Fortunately, David Jakab Bail Bonds is a one stop destination for all your bail related requirements.
Our Services
Faster solutions
We provide the fastest posting service in the 5 Boros. If you negotiate early, we can arrange for one of our agents to be present at the time of hearing, so that they don’t have to enter a correctional facility.
24/7, FREE bailing advice
Our experienced staff is always available to the people of Mineola and the whole of USA to provide guidance on bail bonds services or other questions you might have.
Transfer bond program
David Jakab is one of the few bail bonds service providers in the country that can post any kind of bail anywhere in the USA. Be it Mineola or any other town, city, county or state in the country, you can count on us.
Range of payment mechanisms accepted
We accept various modes of payment, including cash, credit/debit card, money order and checks, among others.
That’s Not All!
To completely ease out the stress, we have come up with a 0% financing payment plan, eligibility for which depends on the account holder’s credit history, amount deposited, bail amount and situation of defendant.
Still Wondering Why David Jakab Bail Bonds?
  • Our experts ensure that you fully understand the bailing process.
  • Information collected is kept strictly confidential.
  • Complete follow up and regular updates for each case.
  • Variety of collateral accepted and returned within 30 days of receipt of court approved certificate of exoneration.
Contact us
Let us handle all your bailing issues. Contact us at 212-779-2245 or email us at davidjakabbailbonds@yahoo.com.
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